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Jan. 4th, 2008 | 12:54 pm
posted by: adnama_wpg in burmese_cats


Happy New Year!

As you know I post a gazillion pics in a gazillion communities.  I don't plan on spending as much time at the computer but would still like to share pics with you guys.

My 5 kids love to pose and you all love Wyatt & Co.

So I urge you to become my LJ friend so you can continue to enjoy the pics and videos I post.  I will continue to post pics on my personal journal and try to not post in so many communities.  Takes too much of my time and I need to focus on school and work!

Picture posts will be open to anyone.  I don't do many personal entries but for the most part they will be limited to my friends or those who I talk to more on LJ.

SO ADD ME IF YOU LOVE WYATT!!!! (or Ty.  or Zoey.  or Kahlua.  Or Skye.)

(otherwise you might not see lots of pics of him or others)

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