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Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 04:13 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: gomez - we haven't turned around
posted by: bombinate in burmese_cats

Name: Kelly
Location: Auckland, NZ
Number of Burmese: I'm currently owned by 1 burmese.
Names: Izzy
Type: European
Do you show or breed? Nope, but would love to get into it one day :)
Favourite thing about the breed: Definitely the burmese personality.

Hi everyone!

I stumbled across this community and it made me wonder why I had not looked up burmese communities sooner. I have been a convert of the breed for about 6 years now. This is the story of my Izzy..

My partner at the time used to live with 2 burmese when he was growing up and introduced me to the breed when we were looking at getting a kitty of our own. We settled on a mandalay as he stole our heart with his weepy eyes and snotty nose (He had the kitten flu at the time) and even still he was a tightly bound bundle of energy.

Max was great, part cat, part dog, loved to fetch and extremely loyal to his people. But after a few months we decided that it was time Max had a friend and the hunt started for a new girl to be his lady love (Not to breed, Max as fixed) and after scouring the city we settled on a lilac burmese which we called Izzy.

Shortly after we got Izzy, Max was hit by a car and had to be put down.. So now we had a lonely little girl (My baby, Max has been my partners, but we both loved him to pieces). We were happy with Izzy for many months during which we moved a couple of times and she settled in with that burmese personality to rule each new neighbourhood.

Eventually we decided to get a new playmate for Izzy and this time round we looked at some other options (Always pedigree, yes we were cat snobs) and we settled on a Abyssinian called Salem. Salem was an absolutely gorgeous silver ticked boy that tried to dominate Izzy as soon as he met her. It was a match made in heaven.. Until Salem about 4-5 months in got hit by a car.. We lived on a side street, down a long driveway and thought the cats would be ok, but he always did his own thing and probably thought the car should stop for him.

So poor Izzy was left on her own again. At this stage we thought it was probably best to leave her as an only cat and we didn't look at getting another cat. When things went pear shaped and I ended up moving in with a close friend of mine a couple of years later, he became so enamored with Izzy that he wanted to get a kitten of his own.. So I schooled him in the ways of pedigrees and he decided he still wanted a burmese and starting trawling the pet stores.

He settled on a lilac burmese boy (He could have at least got another colour!) which he titled Snoo. Snoo was the dopiest kitty I have ever met. He had no grace, no balance or caution. But that didn't stop him from attempting everything that Izzy did. The amount of times I watched that cat leap onto something, lose his back legs and fall off was numerous and always amusing.

Snoo developed a rather weird habit though of chewy fabric. You couldn't leave anything on a clothes horse or he would drag it down and chew huge holes in it. I'm not sure if he'd hunt the clothing or just run up and grab it.. Dragging jumpers along the hallway, sleeve in his mouth with the bulk of it between his legs as he'd lumber towards the bed so he could mutilate it in peace.

The flatmate that owned Snoo moved out and I was left with this destructive kitty. I tried a lot of things to dissuade him, but nothing worked and it started to cost me a lot of money and stress. Eventually I told the flatmate I couldn't look after his cat anymore and he had to take it back or find someone else to look after him. He decided to sell Snoo and I found a lovely lady down in the country that wanted an adult burmese and Snoo fit the bill. I always feel awful that I couldn't break the habit, but in the end I think Izzy is happier without him as well.

So that's my story and to finish are some pictures of my baby.. The girl that managed to outlast all the boys she has had to endure.

<td></td><td>one of my favourite pictures of me with my my kitty, doesn't she look so happy?<td>

</td><td>though not as happy as she looks here, stretched out burrowed in my boys beanbag, which she has claimed as her own..</td>


<td></td><td>and a prime example of that burmese curiosity, you have to watch out around here otherwise you'll be attacked from the most unlikely places..</td>

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From: strawberry_smut
Date: Oct. 2nd, 2006 04:34 am (UTC)

Oh, she's lovely!

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Where the wind will whisper to me

From: bombinate
Date: Oct. 4th, 2006 03:30 am (UTC)

She is at that. Spoilt rotten too, she is such a little princess :)

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From: cytrix
Date: Oct. 2nd, 2006 05:03 am (UTC)

Beautiful! She reminds me of our old kitten Sushi who was a Lilac Burmese as well

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Where the wind will whisper to me

From: bombinate
Date: Oct. 4th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)

Thanks, I love her features as I think she looks more like the burmese breed from America. The burmese here do tend to have a more pointed face, but I love the roundness of the american faces.

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From: soliloquy_girl
Date: Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:35 am (UTC)

Oh she is beautiful!

I too am a cat snob (I LOVE all cats and can't walk past one without stroking it, but you can't beat pedigrees for personality) and a huge Burmese fan - she gorgeous!

I have a little chocolate boy and I have to say that I think that male Burmese cats can be a little more destructive and a lot less graceful than their female counter-parts (as with people!).

I have had a more than a few issues with him! He is only 18 months old and has already destroyed 2 pairs of curtains (my land-lords) and the chair that he uses as his scratching post (he refuses to use the scratching post that stands right in front of the chair!). We have just started using the water gun to discipline him and it seems to be working - *fingers crossed*. My boyf. makes me do all the disciplinary squirting and I get the dirtiest looks from Zap! I think his naughtiness / rebelliousness is primarily because he is in-doors only (and he is a compulsive attention seeker).

I can't help but love him, despite the squillions of dollars he has cost. The sweet side of his personality makes up for it.

Maybe I'm turning into a crazy cat lady - I could write about him all day.... I won't! Anyway Izzy is so cute!

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Where the wind will whisper to me

From: bombinate
Date: Oct. 4th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)

Thanks, I'm sure she would just shrug off the praise, but I do have to agree! :)

Burmese are definitely the ones that have stolen my heart as well. I'm also fond of Bengals, Abyssinians, Burmillas and Scottish Folds, so definitely wouldn't turn away one of those turning up on my doorstep!

I tried water on Snoo, smacking him, squirting the area in the cat pheromone spray from the vet, all sort of things but he was a determined little bugger.

Heh, it's not fair that you should be the one doing the squirting! I'd be talking to your man about that!

All my cats have been outside pets. Though they all sleep inside and I worry if they aren't in when I go to bed. I think they would go mad if I tried to keep them inside. Makes things interesting when moving house though, no main roads or even slightly busy roads, schools, parks, etc. Yeah, I'm a worrywart!

I think you are right about the boys though, a friend got a male burmese a while back and he was just as dopey, not destructive yet though.

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