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Cat Flu

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May. 27th, 2006 | 10:26 am
location: Raining rainforest
mood: anxious anxious
music: None-I've just had my tragus pierced so headphns aren't on
posted by: raisedbycats in burmese_cats

As I mentioned last week, Padung had an abscess. On Tuesday this week he started sneezing a lot so was back to the vet who diagnosed cat flu. Apparently the vaccination isn't 100% effective and his immune system was compromised. Keep him warm, hydrated, make sure he eats and bring him back if green gunk appears said the vet which we did and he's pretty much over it now (Saturday), not sneezing and eating and drinking like normal.

The same can not be said for 4 of the remaining 5. Chad is the only cat still unaffected although he looks a little down. Sai his brother who was vaccinated at the same time as Chad is the sickest and we are needing to syringe liquid into him to keep him hydrated.

Fitz is sneezing but otherwise seems fine, Veto is pretty crook, Azra miserable but not really ill.

We are hoping that they all just get a mild dose and recover in a few days like Padung.

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